Annual Single Form

Review Group

In each Course of Study, a Review Group (or AQ management group) is established, which has the task of:

  • To conduct the review activity for the Course Board and to prepare the Annual Monitoring Sheet (AMS) and the Cyclical Review Report.
  • Defining and implementing improvement actions in coordination with the Department’s AQ Manager;
  • Monitoring the results of the improvement actions undertaken;
  • Analyzing the contents of the annual report of the School Parity Commission regarding the study course and, in general, the state of teaching and related services.

The AQ management group is chaired by the Course President (or by a delegate) and must include student representation.

Composition of the Review Group

Giovanni Lutzemberger – President of the degree program

Daniele Testi – Vice President of the degree program

Claudio Scarpelli – Professor of the degree program

Paolo Conti – Professor of the degree program

Filippo Cinquini – Student of the degree program

Cristina Cerbone – Educational Unit representative

Joint Committee

The Department’s Quality Assurance

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