I have almost finished attending a degree program at another university, and I would like to enroll in the Energy Engineering Degree Program. What is the procedure to follow in this case?

To enroll in the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Energy Engineering, you can follow two paths as indicated below:

  • After obtaining your degree from the current Bachelor’s program: You can enroll with a request for a shortened academic career. The deadline for the academic year 2023/24 is set for January 2, 2024, and if the degree is obtained after October 2, 2023, late fees should not apply. For information on the procedure: open-access degree programs.
  • If you are still waiting to obtain your degree: Considering that the current degree program you are enrolled in does not belong to the same degree class as the Energy Engineering program (L-9), and that the educational activities between the two programs differ by at least two-thirds, you can consider enrolling in both degree programs simultaneously. You can find the relevant information on simultaneous enrollment at the following link: Simultaneous Enrollment in Two Different University Degree Programs.

For further clarification on enrollment procedures, you should contact the student office and the Matricolandosi service:


Toll-free number for students: 800018600

Phone: 0502213616-619 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm)

Email: matricolandosi@unipi.it


Regarding ITS (Higher Technical Institutes) pathways, is it possible to obtain recognition of CFU for enrollment in the Energy Engineering Degree Program?

CFU from ITS are not recognized for the purpose of shortening the academic career in the degree programs of the School of Engineering.