Are there any benefits available for working students?

The University’s academic regulations provide the following benefits for working students:

  • The possibility of taking exams during special exam sessions;
  • The possibility of arranging office hours and meeting times with professors outside of those scheduled for regular students;
  • Possible reduction of attendance requirements as defined in the regulations of the degree programs.

To request recognition of working student status, you need to email the Didactic Unit ( with the self-certification declaration form, which you can find at the following link: Working Students, along with a copy of your identity document. The application must be submitted during the following periods:

  • September 1 – October 31: (for special exam sessions in the first semester);
  •     February 1 – March 31: (for special exam sessions in the second semester).

Working student status is automatically recognized if the required criteria are met. Additionally, it should be noted that a working student is defined as someone who:

  •     Performs paid work on behalf of private individuals, including cooperative societies, or public entities;
  •     Engages in project-based or freelance work (CO.CO.CO or;
  •     Conducts self-employed activities with a VAT number and can prove they are actively engaged in such activities;
  •     Runs a commercial, artisanal, or agricultural business;
  •     Performs civil service.

The period of work activity must be at least 3 months, even if non-continuous, within the twelve months preceding the deadlines for submitting the application.